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Thank you for letting me know about not having laundry detergent or fabric softner. I bought "Ezzy Clean" and love it! I recieved it two days after I ordered it.  - Janice G.

Tom credits a lot of his success to his customers. They are his best Salesmen.  Here are what a few have to say.

Hi, I bought a Motorcycle with a lot of chrome on it and the guy gave me a bottle of Ezzy Clean Motorcycle Polish and this stuff is very good to polish my motorcycle.  My bottle is empty, the prolem is I live in Canada and can not find the polish here.  I would like to order some from you because it is good . What is the procedure for this.  Thank you very much for your help. - Yves T.

Wow, thank you so much!!! I really appreciate that!!

I use your product at work to clean our coffee pots and cups. When our coffee vendor gave me to your product couple of years ago, I thought Ezzy Clean was the best cleaner ever made!!!

Since then, I wanted one for my home and couldn't find Ezzy Clean products anywhere at the retail stores.

I was using the Ezzy Clean sparingly and now, I'm down to my last few drops.I googled your brand and found your website and then noticed that you had it listed on your bottles as well.(how dumb of me not to look carefully at your labels)- Best Regards,

Nancy B. New York

Just wanted to let you know, the checks are in the mail. Thanks for the speedy response. The products are great and I'm finding

new things to clean with them.

Thanks again, - Phil C. South Carolina

It was a pleasure speaking with you! Would you please ship me a 32oz and a Gallon size of the Ezzy Clean. You can ship it to my residence in Georgia. Thank You! I am excited about using your product! - Bobbie B.

Man it is already HERE and I am going to.use the spray shine NOW and to hell with those Guys I am dealing directly with you I am also gonna push the easy clean to some.of the shop around.here in Wilmington THANKS EXCELLENT SERVICE

- Delon S. North Carolina 

WONDERFUL....I would like one gallon of the rug cleaner and one gallon of ezzy clean. I can't hardly live without ezzy clean anymore. I use it for everything!!  Many thanks ~ have a wonderful afternoon! VERY SATISFIED USER - Vicki C. Virginia
I spoke with you this morning about placing an order. Please send to my home in Georgia. Your Ezzy Clean is awesome...when I ran out, we tried other products but found nothing worked like yours! Now I want some for my home as well!!! Thanks.
Have a good day. Look forward to getting the good stuff again!
- Donna H. Georgia
We use your product where I work. I was introduced to your Ezzy Clean from our coffee service. I was amazed the way your product dissolved coffee stains and build-ups. I started using Ezzy Clean on our testing equipment to remove greasy finger prints. It worked better then Krud Cutter!
- Ted B. Roseville, Michigan
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