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Ezzy Clean-Up, Inc.

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Family owned and operated, Ezzy Clean-Up, Inc.
has been in business since 1977.

How it all began....

I was a salesman for a janitorial supply company that was cheating me on commissions and taking customers as "house accounts" that I put on and developed to be worthwhile customers.

I complained to Pop about this often and he had always wanted to be self-employed himself convinced me we should form a partnership. He put up the money and I did the work. Times back then were very tough. I had 2 small children from a previous marriage that Jenny and I were raising. Pop convinced me to go for it and he borrowed $500 against his home to start the business and we had no customers.

We first began selling a full janitorial supply line but soon figured out that a mop bucket lasts many years but what goes into it then down the drain is where the money would be so we got rid of all our supplies and invested what little we could get for them into cleaning chemicals which was a boost to our profits. Unfortunately, the people we were getting cleaners from kept watering them down and I was getting complaints about quality so we figured we need to make these things ourselves to be consistent with quality. After meeting with several Chemists we came up with a couple good formulas and made them stronger than recommended in order to have the very best products on the market.

I would sell these products in the mornings and mix them in the afternoon and my wife, Jenny would bring the two girls after school and we would all work together to bottle it up. My brother, Bill and his wife Mary had three sons about the ages of my two girls so we put them on the assembly line filling bottles, capping them and gluing labels on and sending them on down the line for the next one to put in boxes and staple shut then stack in the warehouse. They made 2 cents per jug for their work. On weekends, we hammered and sawed and added onto the warehouse to expand.

We left most of the profits in the company to cover expansion as we grew. I drew $100 per week plus 10% commission. Pop made nothing but the satisfaction of seeing it all come together. It was a long hard road but we made it. We started in 1977. Then in 1985, the office caught fire and burned down. We rebuilt and in 1986 Pop died suddenly of a heart attack. That is when I put my heart, soul and my everything into the business, bound and determined to make it work for sure.

In 1989 hurricane Hugo blew the top of our building off so we covered it up with a big tarp and kept making soap until we could get our new building erected in 1990. We for sure had a hard time but we went from a $500 investment and no customers to shipping into most states and have no regrets at all from the experiences, both good and bad. It's been a good road overall.

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