Ezzy Clean-Up, Inc.
"Since 1977"

Ezzy Clean-Up, Inc.

2895 Armentrout Drive

Concord, NC 28025



Please call 704-361-1901 

Office: ; 704-784-1130

Fax: 704-784-2465


We have the very best cleaning products available for your use.


Whether you need them for around the house, in the garage or in your business, you want our products there to help you do the job.


They will make the tough jobs easy and the not so tough jobs quick and simple.


We make it easy for you to shop online, you can shop our products by category or check them all out.   To order just send us an email at: sales@ezzyclean.com


with the products you would like and we'll ship them to you immediately.


We also have the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for all  of our products.


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We at Ezzy Clean go to great heights, to bring you the very best cleaning products available

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